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Ellen Reid, acknowledged Beverly Hills premier book publishing consultant, makes her expertise and experience available to authors who recognize the opportunities and advantages of being part of the phenomenal publishing industry.

Savvy publishers know that a book’s message or story will be judged first by its presentation. If a book’s design and text on the cover doesn’t impress browsers, they will never get to the writing on the inside. If the interior design isn’t eye-friendly, and the structure and layout of all the technical data are not done correctly, the book is not likely to be taken seriously.

Ellen Reid has built her reputation on assisting self-publishers in producing top quality books that sizzle by offering a full range of consulting services.

Ellen Reid, Beverly Hills’ premier self- and independent publishing
expert, offers a full range of consulting and shepherding services.

“Ellen Reid is not only a master Book Shepherd but also a visionary, mentor and guide. I completely trust her profound intuition, which augments her expertise. She is honest and kind, and she immerses herself with your project. As a first-time self publisher, I cannot imagine having crossed the finish line in as fine a fashion without Ellen at the helm. Before working with Ellen, there was trepidation, and after having worked with her, there is now confidence and excitement! The look and feel of my first published book exceeds anything I could have imagined. I owe it all to Ellen Reid.”
— Janet D. Thomas, author, Lemons, Lemonade & Life



310.862.2573 • Toll Free: 866.406.4352 • Cell: 805.403.5285
269 So. Beverly Drive, #1065 • Beverly Hills, CA 90212


Louise Gaylord for

Won Honorable Mention
2012 LA Book Festival

Rick Lenz for
North of Hollywood

Won Best Biography
2012 LA Book Festival

A.G.S. Johnson for
The Sausage Maker's Daughters

Won Honorable Mention
2012 LA Book Festival

To Prosper in the Highly
Competitive Book
Market You Must
Put Your Best Book

“I make sure you have a
book you can build your success on!”

Ellen Reid, Beverly Hills’
premier self- and
independent publishing
expert, offers a full
range of consulting and shepherding services.

310.862.2573 • Toll Free: 866.406.4352 • Cell: 805.403.5285
269 So. Beverly Drive, #1065 • Beverly Hills, CA 90212


For a Competitive Edge ... Online or on the Street

Assisting authors who want to succeed in the multi-billion dollar book business


There are many good reasons for getting your manuscript into print. Being your own boss in a multi-billion dollar industry is one of the best.

In today’s uncertain economy, the only real security is having your own business where you can’t be fired and you have a great deal of influence over how much money you can make.

Ellen Reid can show you how to create a book that exceeds your dreams and how to establish a presence in the rapidly expanding publishing world.

With Ellen, it’s about more than getting a book into print. It’s about creating a viable business, the foundation of which is a top-quality book.

Where Do You Start?

If you have a manuscript, even if it’s only a rough draft, there are several good publishing options open to you. A free1/2 hour consulting session with Ellen Reid to discuss the best option for you will open your eyes to the possibilities and put you confidently on course to building your publishing career.

It’s All About Your Book

Once you determine  your best publishing approach, Ellen will work with you to create a book that represents the excellence of your story or your message, or supports your status as an expert in your field. Under Ellen’s guidance, you can be sure it will be a book that can compete in a market where there are over700,000 books published annually.

"For the 16th edition of The Self-Publishing Manual, I turned to Ellen Reid for help. She put together a team of editors, designers, typesetters and proofreaders and produced the book in record time. Ellen can take your good book and turn it into a great book—one your readers will admire and one you will be proud of.

"I plan to work with Ellen again and again.”

Dan Poynter, The Self-Publishing Manual, 16th Edition.

When it comes to producing your book, only three things matter: Quality, Quality, Quality.

Authors often have an idea of what they want their book to look like and how they want it to be presented. There are plenty of people who can take that idea and execute it, so the book you end up with matches the picture in your mind.

Ellen Reid goes a step further. She adds her experience and imagination to inspire her creative team, so you end up with much more than simply a book produced the way you think you want it. You will have a book that stands proudly next to those produced by the big publishing houses. That is the kind of book you can sell and readers will buy.

When authors hold their completed book in their hands, they consistently comment that it is far better than anything they could have imagined. Great copywriters, designers and editors notwithstanding, the real reason for the outstanding end product is the vision and expertise of Ellen Reid.

Ellen Reid does more than just assemble a topnotch team. Her direction of the entire creative process is what makes each book stand out.

The way Ellen works is clear and straightforward:

  • Ellen listens to you and gets a full picture of your vision.
  • Based on her extensive experience with the publishing market, she expands your vision beyond what you think you want to a book that reflects what you really want and could broaden your market share.
  • Drawing upon her extensive contacts, she assembles a team of seasoned professionals to write the book’s “sell text,” design the cover and interior, and provide whatever editing services you may need. She directs them every step of the way to make this expanded vision a reality.

Ellen earned her reputation as one of the nation’s premiere book shepherds and book consultants by working with authors in establishing their own independent publishing companies as well as producing a file of the book that can be self-published or published by others. She also consults on the new Kindle versions, including eBooks on the iPhone and the Sony Reader, etc.



And There’s More to the Equation than Producing Your Book

Certainly Ellen can shepherd you through the process of creating a Rolls Royce-quality book. However, if your choice is to retain the lion’s share of the profit by starting your own publishing company, then Ellen will also: 

  • Guide you through the maze of copyright page information (ISBN, LCCN, PCIP, etc.),
  • Educate you on your book distribution options,
  • Provide suggestions and creative and technical assistance regarding your website, and
  • Assist you in tapping into the power of the new social media.

In a very few months, you will have a book and a business through which to sell it.

Ellen says…

If you have a manuscript you would like to get into print and into the hands of readers, today, more than ever, you must produce a book that will be taken seriously. First and foremost it must look, feel and the promotional text must read like a professional book. That’s what we have produced for countless authors, many of whose books became award-winners. And that’s what my team and I can do for you. 

And if you’re looking to set yourself up in a business in the booming self-publishing industry, we can assist you to become a solid publishing company that will be respected and taken seriously in this profitable field.

I’d be glad to chat with you about your objectives.

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Contact Ellen Reid

 Call 805-770-2842 or Email

Ellen Reid's Book Shepherding is based in Southern California and serves clients worldwide in taking their books from manuscript to print and establishing their own publishing companies.

"To love what you do and feel that it matters — how could anything be more fun?"

— Katharine Graham

Publishers Marketing Association

Member of Santa Barbara Chamber of Commerce

Member of Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce  





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Hi Everyone,

I am attending this event as an expert and will have a table showing my work and talking with people.

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We just completed a beautiful case bound book with a dust jacket and a trade paperback version for Dr. Paul Dougherty, a famous eye surgeon in California.

He has the World Vision Project and just returned from Haiti where he performed eye surgery on people who didn't have the money to pay for it. He is an awesome man and a wonderful Doctor and he is being featured this Friday, June 15, 2012 on Nightline!! Here is the information.

Please note that Dr. Paul Dougherty will be the subject of this coming Friday's (June 15) Nightline on ABC-TV. A shorter version will airing that same night on ABC World News. Nightline will also be promoting the shows on their website and via Twitter starting either tomorrow or Thursday.

Hello Everyone,

This is a great description of Independent Publishing that is on Wickipedia.

... The terms "small press", "indie publisher", and "independent press" are often used interchangeably, with "independent press" defined as publishers that are not part of large conglomerates or multinational corporations. Defined this way, these presses make up approximately half of the market share of the book publishing industry.[2] Many small presses rely on specialization in genre fiction, poetry, or limited-editionbooks or magazines, but there are also thousands that focus on niche non-fiction markets.

Small presses should not be confused with "vanity presses". Vanity or subsidy presses usually require payment by authors, or a minimum purchase of copies. Small presses make their profits by selling books to consumers, rather than selling services to authors or selling a small number of copies to the author's friends.

... The majority of small presses are independent or indie publishers, this means that they are separate from the handful of major publishing house conglomerates, such as Random House or Hachette. The term 'indie publisher' should not be confused with 'self publisher', which is where the author publishes only their own books.

Your Guide to Book Publishing 

Listen to Ellen being interviewed by Dr. Judith Briles!

Ellen "Bookshep" Reid & Mark Borde discuss Independent Book & Film Distribution.

Dan Poynter Recommends Ellen Reid!

Rick Frishman Endorses Ellen Reid Book Shepherd!

Leif Klingborg Endorses Ellen Reid Book Shepherd!

Another one of Ellen's
authors wins award! in
Children's Mystery & Spy Stories
The best in Children's Mystery
& Spy Stories based on
Amazon customer reviews.



WINNER: Putting Your Best Book Forward – Ellen Reid

3 of my clients won! Los Angeles Book Festival and DIY Book Festival!

Winners Honored March 4, 2011

The Silverado Story by Loren Shook and Stephen Winner

The Gray Zone by Daphna Ziman

The Problem with Money, It's Not About the Money by Jane Honeck

The awards ceremony honoring the best of worldwide publishing will take place on Friday March 4, 2011. The event honors the winners of the Los Angeles Book Festival, the DIY Book Festival for independent authors and publishers, and the DIY Film Festival, which celebrates independent filmmaking. A short screening of the film festival winners will be presented at the conclusion of the awards.

Hi Everyone,

Dan started me in business in 1995 and I echo his advice, of course! Call me for a free 30 minute consultation,



--Dan Poynter, the Book Futurist, During my publishing programs, I'm often approached by members of the audience who tell me that they would like to work on their audio product first and delay the publication of their book.


Book publishers see their role as gatekeepers shrink!



I was interviewed by Billy the Brain and wanted to share this with everyone...

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"Putting Your
Best Book Forward!"

Ellen Reid's "Putting Your Best Book Forward" has already won several awards and is on its way to becoming a "must read" for anyone considering Indie publishing.

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