When authors submit proposals for books to publishers (see Chapter 3.1), it is usual for these publishers to send out the proposals to two or three referees for comment. These referees may have been nominated by the author, they may be chosen by the publishers, or they may be a mixture of both. Publishers require honest answers to the following kinds of question (Vandenbos et al., 2006):

• Does the plan for the proposed volume appear sound?

• Is the projected content comprehensive, appropriate and timely?

• Are the suggested chapters appropriately focused? Should any chapters be added or deleted?

• Do the chapters provide strong theoretical and empirical support?

• Does the proposed text represent current scientific and professional knowledge in a balanced way?

• Do you believe that there is a need as well as a market for the proposed book?

The assessors are being thus being asked about biases, the author's judgements, and whether or not the book will sell. These questions are typically asked of all the publisher's books in a standard questionnaire to be completed by the assessors.

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