One way of avoiding unpleasant tasks is to put off doing them — or to procrastinate. I am not sure that it is helpful to list all of the ways of procrastinating that I can think of, but Table 4.6.1 includes some obvious ones. The trick here, I suppose, is to learn to recognise that these activities are distractors, and then to allow yourself the luxury of doing them — well, some of them — as a reward, after completing some writing.

Table 4.6.1 Things that writers do to avoid writing . ..

At home

- washing up, dusting, vacuuming, doing the laundry, drinking coffee, reading the papers, gardening, decorating, etc.

In the office

- checking emails, tidying the office, sorting papers, looking for a particular paper, refiling papers, going for coffee with colleagues, creating new folders on the computer, emailing old friends, working on a different paper, etc.

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