I have on my desk a Dutch Ph.D. thesis (Kools, 2005). It is published, at the author's expense, in a paperback format, with a colourful, glossy cover, and it can be bought like an academic textbook. The content, in English, contains eight chapters together with an introduction and a summary. Seven of these eight chapters are basically reprints of academic papers, one of which has appeared in print, two of which are 'in press', and four of which have been submitted for publication. Other Dutch theses contain, with linking commentaries, only chapters that have been previously published or are 'in press' (e.g. Geraerts, 2006). I mention this to make two points:

1 that the ways of writing theses differ in different countries; and

2 that it might be useful to think about subsequent publication when writing a thesis . . .

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