Business letter

Write the letter by yourself. Then edit your letter with a partner, using the checklist on the next page.

• In your first sentence, tell why you are writing. In your second sentence, state your opinion.


Sincerely, (or) Sincerely yours, Very truly yours,

Respectfully, (or) Respectfully yours,

• In the supporting sentences, write your reasons. Support your reasons with specific details. (You may use facts from the newspaper story, and you may use information from your own knowledge and experience.)

• Write a concluding sentence. Summarize your reasons, and repeat your request.

Choose Topic A or B.

Topic A

Pretend that you are good friends of Mr. and Mrs. Russ, the foster parents of Gregory Kingsley. Write a letter to the judge who will decide the case. Ask the judge to give Gregory a divorce from his mother and to let the Russes adopt him.

Topic B

Pretend that you are Rachel Kingsley's best friend. Write a letter to the judge who will decide the case. Ask the judge to give her son back to her.

For either letter, use this fictitious1 name and address for the judge: The

Honorable Jacob B. Fenston, Judge of the Miami Municipal Court, 6 Courthouse Square, Miami, FL 01113. Use this greeting: Dear Judge Fenston:.

business letter checklist

Check the letter form. (Does the letter look like the model on page 195?)

Is your address and the date in the upper right-hand corner?

Check the greeting and closing for capital letters.

Check the punctuation of the greeting and closing.

Are the closing and signature in the right place? Is the writer's name printed under the signature?

'fictitious: not real form

business letter checklist organization

Q rj Does the letter begin with a clear statement of the purpose of the letter?

Does the second sentence state a clear opinion? PI Is the opinion supported with reasons? | Are the reasons supported by specific supporting details? Is there a concluding sentence?

grammar and mechanics r] Check the capital letters. Q □ Check the spelling, j [J Check the commas.

Is there a period at the end of all the sentences?

sentence structure

Q Check the sentences. Do they have at least one subject and one verb, and do they express a complete thought?

Does the paragraph contain simple, compound, and complex sentences?

Check for comma splices, run-ons, and fragments.

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