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Introduction viii unit i : Introducing People 1

Prewriting Taking Notes 2

Part I: Organization

Paragraph Form 3

Model Paragraph: My Classmate 4

Writing Practice 1: Introducing a Classmate 6

The Writing Process: An Introduction 6

Part 2: Grammar and Mechanics

What Is a Sentence? 8

Subjects and Verbs 9

End-of-Sentence Punctuation 11

Capitalization: Five Rules 13

Writing Practice 2: Introducing Yourself IB

Part 3: Sentence Structure

Simple Sentences 18

Connecting Words: and, or 20

Sentence Combining 22

Writing Practice 3: Sentence Combining Who Am I? 23

Part 4: The Writing Process

Review Questions 24

Freewriting 24

Writing Practice 4: Introducing Your Family 26

Additional Writing 27

unit 2: Writing Instructions 31

Prewriting Brainstorming 32

Part I: Organization

Time-Order Paragraphs

Model Paragraph: How to Have a Successful Garage Sale — 34

Planning a Paragraph: Outlining 34

Model Outline: Time Order

Time-Order Transition Signals 40

Writing Practice 1 : How to Clean Your House after a Party 43

Part 2: Sentence Structure

Compound Sentences 44

Compound Sentences versus Simple Sentences with

Compound Verbs 45

Coordinating Conjunctions: and, but, or, so 46

Comma Splices 51

Writing Practice 2: Sentence Combining

How to Make an Apple Pie 53

Part 3: Grammar and Mechanics

Capitalization: Five More Rules 55

Commas: Three Rules 58

Writing Practice 3: Directions to Your House 62

Part 4: The Writing Process

Review Questions 64

Writing Practice 4: How to 64

Additional Writing 66

unit 3: Describing 69

Preiuriting Descriptive Details 70

Part I: Organization

Descriptions 72

Space-Order Paragraphs 72

Model Paragraph: Space Order The Shared Refrigerator--------73

Specific Details 74

Writing Practice 1 : Being Specific The Limousine 76

Part 2: Grammar and Mechanics

Adjectives 79

Prepositions 81

Prepositional Phrases 81

Writing Practice 2: Describing a Room 83

Part 3: Sentence Structure

Prepositional Phrases in Space and Time Order 84

Position of Prepositional Phrases 85

Writing Practice 3: Sentence Combining

The Shared Refrigerator (continued) 90

Part 4: The Writing Process

Review Questions 91

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