Directions to Your House


Prewrite to Get Ideas

Work by yourself. Then work with a partner, and edit each other's writing.

1. Write directions to your house from school.

2. Follow the same prewriting steps that you followed when you wrote about how to clean your house after a party.

• Brainstorm a list of all the steps in your instructions.


Outline to Organize the Ideas

• Review the brainstorming list. Cross out repeated and irrelevant ideas.

• Add a tide and this topic sentence:

Here is how to get to my house from school. (Your outline should look like the model on page 38.)

STEP 3: • Write the paragraph. Begin with your topic sentence, and add some

Write the First time-order transition signals.

Draft • Practice the capitalization rules. Include some names of streets, busi nesses, and buildings.


Edit the First Draft

Edit your paragraph with a partner as you have done before. Use the Paragraph Checklist.

Writing Instructions PARAGRAPH CHECKLIST



Check the paragraph form. (Does the paragraph look like the model on page 4?)


Does the paragraph begin with a topic sentence?

Are the steps in time order?

Are there time-order transition signals?


Check for capital letters. Check the spelling. □ [J Check the commas.

Is there a period at the end of all the sentences?


| | Check the sentences. Do they have at least one subject and one verb, and do they express a complete thought?

Does the paragraph contain both simple and compound sentences?

Check for comma splices.

STEP 5: • Write a neat final draft of your paragraph to hand in to your teacher.



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