1. Write a paragraph describing a favorite picture or photograph. Bring the picture to show the teacher.

2. Write one or more paragraphs of description based on one of the five Practice items on pages 75-76. Be sure to use space order to organize the specific details. Add more details if you wish.

3. Write a short paragraph describing a common object such as a pencil, a wristwatch, or a banana. Don't tell what it does. Just describe what it looks like. Don't use the name of the object in your paragraph. In other words, don't use the word pencil or wristwatch. Instead, use the word "whatsit" (= what is it?). Then read your paragraph to a classmate. Your classmate should be able to guess what you have described.


A whatsit looks like a long thin stick, it is about eight inches long, but it can be shorter. It is sometimes round on the outside, but it usually has six sides. It can be any color, but it is often yellow. One end of a whatsit is very pointed and sharp.The other end is soft and rubbery. What is it?

4. Write a paragraph about what you have learned in Unit 3.


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