Expressing an Opinion

Work first by yourself, and then edit your paragraph with a partner. Choose one of the topics from the practice on pages 179-180 and write a paragraph about it. Use the paragraph on page 176 as a model.

step i: Use the ideas you have already written down on pages 179-180, but add to

Prewrite to Get them. Brainstorm for more reasons and details. Use the freewriting, listing, Ideas or clustering techniques to brainstorm.

step 2: Make an outline like the one on page 177. Your outline should include an

Outline to opinion sentence, two to four main ideas, at least one specific example for

Organize the Ideas each point, and a concluding sentence.

step 3: Write the paragraph.

Write the First

Draft step 4: F.dit the first draft with your partner. Use the Paragraph Checklist on the fol-

Edit the First Draft lowing page.

step 5:

Write the Final Draft

Write a neat final draft to hand in to your teacher.

paragraph checklist form

Check the paragraph form. (Does the paragraph look like the model on page 4?)


Does the paragraph begin with a clear opinion statement?

Does the paragraph end with a concluding sentence?

Is the opinion supported with at least some facts? (Remember that facts are stronger than opinions.)

Are there transition signals at appropriate places?

H] Does the paragraph have unity? (no irrelevant sentences)

grammar and mechanics

Check the capital letters. Q Check the spelling, fj Q Check the commas.

[H Is there a period at the end of all the sentences?

sentence structure

| Q Check the sentences. Do they have at least one subject and one verb, and do they express a complete thought?

Does the paragraph contain simple, compound, and complex sentences?

Q Check for comma splices, run-ons, and fragments.


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