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Drive slowly and carefully. Do it later.


Play outside. Always tell the truth.

how often?

Adverbs also describe adjectives and other adverbs. In this case, they answer the question how?

Describing an adjective: I drive a very old car. (how old?)

Describing another adverb: Don't drive too slowly, (how slowly?)

Formation of I. Most adverbs are made by adding -ly to an adjective.

Adjectives Adverbs slow slowly nice nicely beautiful beautifully

Write two adjective-adverb pairs of your own: Adjectives Adverbs

1. A few -ly words are adjectives. There is no adverb form.

Adjectives Adverbs friendly —

3. If a two-syllable adjective ends in -y, change the -y to i before adding -ly.

Adjectives Adverbs noisy noisily busy busily

Add one adjective-adverb pair of your own like the examples. Adjectives Adverbs but.

shy (one syllable) shyly

4. Some adverbs do not end in -ly.

Adverbs of Time often then never today now yesterday

Add two examples of your own:

Adverbs of Place here there everywhere inside outside upstairs

5. A few adverbs are irregular.

Adjectives good fast hard

Adverbs well fast hard

She's a good swimmer. She swims well.

He's a fast runner. He runs fast.

It was a hard testThe students worked hard.


Identifying Adjectives and Adverbs

Work by yourself or with a partner.

a. i. Underline all of the adjectives in the following paragraph. (There are eighteen adjectives in the six sentences.)

2. Be prepared to tell which word each adjective describes.

'The new owner of the dry cleaner's near my house is very attractive. 2She is slim and petite. 3She has shining black hair, friendly brown eyes, and thick black eyelashes. 4She greets her customers with a warm smile. 5She says a few pleasant words to everyone who comes into her spotlessly clean shop. 6She is also a hard worker, and I feel certain that she will be successful in her new business.

m i b. i. Underline all of the adverbs in the following paragraph. (There are sixteen adverbs in the seven sentences. One sentence doesn't contain any.)

2. Be able to tell which word each adverb modifies.

3. Also tell what question it answers: how, where, when, or how often.

4. Finally, find the three adjectives in this paragraph.

'My roommate and I are exactly opposite, but we get along very well. 2He walks, talks, eats, and works slowly, but I do everything quickly. 3He gets up early, but I like to sleep late. 4He does his homework eagerly, but I do mine unenthusiastically. sHis room is very neat, but I leave my clothes and books everywhere. 6He always drives cautiously and says that I often drive too fast. 7In fact, he thinks that I am a reckless driver.

m c. i. Tell whether the underlined words are adjectives or adverbs.

2. Draw an arrow to the word each one describes.

3. Be able to tell what question it answers. Example:

The students waited outside for someone to open the locked classroom.

1. The sick child sat quietly reading a comic book.

2. I am very shy, so I don't talk easily in front of strangers.

3. The little girl smiled shyly at her new friend.

4. The barking dog disturbed the neighborhood.

5. The loudly barking dog disturbed the whole neighborhood.

D. Choose the words from the list that fit the meaning of the sentence. Then write the correct form of the word (adjective or adverb) from each pair in the blanks.

noisy-noisily polite—politely angry-angrily reckless-recklessly joyous-joyously

1. My teenage cousin is a_driver. He always drives

2. The tourists listened_while the tour guide explained the importance of the monument. One_

tourist asked the guide to please speak louder.

3. The_crowd listened to the speech. Then they began to shout and shake their fists_at the speaker. The women in the audience were especially_because the speaker had attacked women's rights.

4. The little children ran_downstairs to see what Santa

Claus had left for them under the Christmas tree. Christmas is one of the most_holidays in the United States.

5. Last night, there was a_party in my apartment building.

People were singing and dancing_half the night while

I was trying to study.

E. For each pair of words, write two sentences of your own. In one sentence, use the adjective form. In the other sentence, use the adverb form.


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