Grammar and Mechanics

How do you know what a sentence is? You will learn more about sentences later, but for now, you should know this definition:

A sentence is a group of words that contains a subject and a verb and expresses a complete thought.

These are sentences:

2. Speed kills.

4. He looks tired.

5. Are you hungry?

7. The man bought a new car.

8. Does your sister live with you?

9. Where did you buy your new car?

10. Hurry! (The subject in this sentence is "you.")

These are not sentences:

12. The man bought. (This is not a complete thought)

13. Because it rained. (This is not a complete thought.)

14. Is very handsome. (There is no subject)

15. Every morning before breakfast. (There is no subject or verb.)

Work with a partner.

1. Read each group of words out loud.

2. Decide which ones are complete sentences and which ones arc not.

3. Write yes next to the complete sentences and no next to the nonsen-tences.

4. Explain why the nonsentences are not sentences. Examples:

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