Describing with Adjectives and Adverbs

Work by yourself. Write two short paragraphs about someone you know well. The purpose of this writing practice is to practice grammar. Therefore, do not worry about prewriting, paragraph organization, topic sentences, transition signals, and so on. Just concentrate on writing interesting sentences.

1. In the first paragraph, use adjectives to describe the person's appearance. Is he or she tall, short, fat, thin, or does he or she have a medium build? Does he or she have blond, black, brown, or gray hair? Is his or her complexion light or dark? What kind of clothes does he or she wear? Write five to eight sentences.

2. In the second paragraph, use adverbs to describe how the person acts. How does he or she speak? (Softly? Loudly?) How does he or she cook, drive, sing, dance, write, do homework? Does he or she make friends easily? Does he or she attend class regularly? Write five to eight sentences.

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