PART The Writing Process

In this section, you will write a paragraph giving instructions how to do or make something. First, answer these questions to see if you have learned the main points of Unit 2.


I. Organization

• What are the two keys to writing clear instructions?

• What are some time-order transition signals?

2. Sentence Structure

• What is a compound sentence, and how is one punctuated?

• What are the meanings of and, but, or, and so in a compound sentence?

• What is a comma splice? What are two ways to correct a comma splice?

3. Grammar and Mechanics

• What are the five capitalization rules in Unit 2?

• What are the three comma rules in Unit 2?

Work by yourself.

1. Choose one of the topics below and write a paragraph about it.

2. Follow the same prewriting steps that you followed when you wrote about how to clean up your house after a party.


How to prepare for an earthquake How to teach someone to swim How to play any game How to bargain in your country How to make__How to buy a used car

How to live on a small budget How to clean a house efficiently How to beat someone at_

How to put a crying baby to sleep How to have a safe vacation How to get a driver's license


Prewrite to Get Ideas


Outline to Organize the Ideas


Write the First Draft

(tennis, golf, chess, poker, etc.) How to quit smoking How to meet people in a new place How to impress a boy/girl on a first

How to prepare for a job interview

• Brainstorm a list of all the steps in your instructions.

• Review your brainstorming list. Cross out repeated and irrelevant ideas.

• Add a title and a topic sentence. Use this as your topic sentence:

It's easy to_if you follow these simple instructions.

(Your outline should look like the model on page 38.)

• Write the paragraph. Begin with your topic sentence, and add some time-order transition signals. Make your paragraph look like the model on page 34.

• Use time order in your paragraph. Also, practice the capitalization rules. Include some names of streets, businesses, and buildings.

How to wrap and decorate a gift How to get an A in a class date

How to get an F in a class


Edit the First Draft

Edit your paragraph with a partner as you have done before. Use the Paragraph Checklist on the next page.



Check the paragraph form. (Does the paragraph look like the model on page 4?)


□ □ Does the paragraph begin with a topic sentence?

□ □ Are there time-order transition signals?


Is there a period at the end of all the sentences?


Check the sentences. Do they have at least one subject and one verb, and express a complete thought?

Does the paragraph contain both simple and compound sentences?

Check for comma splices.


Write the Final Draft

Write a neat final draft of your paragraph to hand in to your teachcr.

additional writing

1. Write a paragraph in which you explain how to make an outline. Refer to the outline in the box at the bottom of page 39. Use time order.

2. Write a paragraph in which you describe your morning or your evening routine. Use time order. Begin as follows:

My morning routine never varies. First, I get up at...

OR When I get home from school (work) at night, I follow the same routine. First, I ...

3. Write about a dramatic event in your life. This could be a bad experience such as a traffic accident or a happy experience such as the birth of a child. Use time order. Begin as follows:

I'll never forget the day (my daughter was born, we left our home forever, I was in a car accident, I broke my leg, etc.).

4. Write a paragraph about what you have learned in Unit 2.

The Process Academic Writing


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