Letter From Heather To Her Friend Stacie




Names of specific structures

the White House

such as buildings,

the Hilton Hotel

roads, and bridges

the Kremlin

Highway 395

State Route 15

the Golden Gate Bridge


Names of specific organizations

Sears, Roebuck & Co.

such as businesses,

Springfield Elementary School

schools, and clubs

City College of New York

International Students' Club


Names of the days,


months, holidays, and


special time periods

New Year's Day


but not the names

spring, summer, fall (autumn),

of seasons



Geographic areas

the Middle East

the Southwest

Southeast Asia

Eastern Europe

the Bay Area

but not compass

Drive south for two miles



I0o Titles of books, magazines, newspapers, movies, and TV series—also the titles of your own paragraphs

Of Mice and Men National Geographic The New York Times Raiders of the Lost Ark Wheel of Fortune How to Tune a Car's Engine note 1: Do not capitalize all the words in titles. Capitalize only the first, last, and the important words. Articles (a, an, the), conjunctions (and, but, or), and short prepositions (to, from, at, in, of) are not capitalized.

note 2: Underline titles of books, magazines, newspapers, movies, and TV series.

■ j jtt71 Work with a partner or a group. Write your own examples of Rules 6-10. Capitalization

Rule 6

a building _

Rule 7

a business _

a school or college_

Rule 8

a holiday__

a special time period _

Rule 9

a geographic area in your country _

a geographic area in another part of the world _

Rule 10 (Don't forget the underlining rule.)

a magazine _

a newspaper _

Work by yourself or with a partner. Change the small letters to capital letters wherever necessary in this letter from Heather to her friend Stacie,

AjCpril 23, 199_

Dear Stacie,

I am so happy that you are coming to visit me this summer. I hope that you will be able to stay until july 4. We are planning a big picnic on that day to celebrate america's independence day.

You asked for directions to my house from the airport, so here they are. First, pick up your rental car. I recommend hertz or avis. They are the biggest car rental companies here. Next, drive out of the airport and turn north on u.s. highway 101. Go about one mile and take the first exit. Follow the signs to state highway 1, which soon becomes nineteenth avenue. You will pass san francisco state university, shriner's hospital, and a large shopping center. Continue on nineteenth avenue through golden gate 15 park. Then you will come to a bridge. This is the famous golden gate bridge. Drive across it and continue north for about ten miles. You will pass the towns of sausalito, mill valley, and larkspur. In larkspur, take the sir francis drake boulevard exit from the freeway. Drive west for three blocks, and then turn left. 20 Pacific national bank is on the corner where you turn, and across the street is a shell gas station, a safeway grocery store, and another bank. You will be on elm avenue. Finally, go one block on elm and then turn right. My apartment is in the marina towers. The address is 155 hillside drive. 25 I look forward to seeing you. Be sure to bring warm clothes because it is cold in june and july in northern California. In fact, sometimes it is colder in the summer than it is in the fall.



Commas: There are many rules for using commas. You have already learned two of

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