Sentence Combining

Work with a partner.

1. Combine the sentences in each group. There may be more than one possible way to combine them.

2. Punctuate each sentence carefully.

3. Write the new sentences together as a paragraph.


1. a. Jamila Haddad ran away from home last week, b. She is a high school student in Chicago.

2. a. She ran away to avoid a marriage, b. It was arranged by her parents.

3. a. Mr. and Mrs. Haddad are very traditional, b. They are from Lebanon.

4. a. Jamila is the oldest daughter in the Haddad family.

b. The Haddad family came to the United States seven years ago.

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5. a. Her parents want her to marry a man. b. The man is thirty-two years old.

6. a. Jamila is a good student, b. Jamila is eighteen.

7. a. She gets straight As.

b. She plays basketball.

c. She has many friends.

8. a. She doesn't have a boyfriend, b. Her parents won't allow it.

b. Her parents don't want her to.

10. a. The husband-to-be lives in Lebanon.

b. Lebanon is a country in the Middle East.

b. The business is very successful.

12. a. People say that he is very nice, b. They know him.

13. a. Jamila doesn't think she can change her parents' minds, b. She ran away.

14. a. Mr. and Mrs. Haddad don't understand why she ran away, b. They have traditional values.

15. What do you think?

16. a. Should she go to Lebanon and marry the man?

b. Should she stay in the United States and go to college?


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