Sentence Combining

Work with a partner or by yourself.

1. Combine the sentences in each group to make one sentence. There may be more than one possible correct way to combine each group.

2. Write the sentences as a paragraph. Put prepositional phrases at the beginning of some sentences to show the space order.


1. a. My half of our refrigerator is messy.

b. My half of our refrigerator is disorganized.

b. The eggs are broken.

c. The shelf is the top one.

3. a. Carrots and salami share the shelf.

b. The shelf is the second one.

c. They share it with bread and lettuce.

d. The carrots are limp.

e. The salami is rock-hard.

f. The bread is moldy.

g. The bread is green.

h. The lettuce is slimy.

4. a. Pizza lies under a bowl of spaghetti.

b. The pizza is leftover.

c. The spaghetti is three weeks old.

d. These things lie on the third shelf.

5. a. The bottom drawer holds a combination.

b. The combination is interesting.

c. The combination is of paper bags of food.

d. The food is from McDonald's.

e. The food is from Taco Bell.

f. The food is from the Chinese Kitchen.

6. a. A puddle covers the bottom, b. The puddle is disgusting.

7. a. My roommate and I are different.

c. We do this very well.


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