Sentence Combining

Work with a partner or by yourself.

1. Combine the sentences in each group to make one sentence. Some of your sentences will be simple, some will be compound, and some will be complex. Punctuate each sentence carefully.

2. Write the sentences together as a paragraph.


b. I love this in the summer.

c. I hate to sleep on the ground.

d. The ground is hard.

(Use although in front of la.)

2. a. I get up in the morning, b. I can hardly move.

b. My muscles ache.

b. We always forget something. (Use when in front of 4a.)

5. a. We forgot to bring our tent.

b. This happened last year.

c. We had to sleep in the open.1 (Use so in front of 5c.)

b. I am afraid of snakes.

c. I am afraid of bears.

(Use because in front of 6b.)

Hn the open: outside c. I run.

9. a. I don't know why I continue to go camping every year, b. I really don't enjoy it.

(Use because in front of 9b.)


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