Sentence Combining

Work with a partner.

1. Combine the sentences in each group to make one sentence. There may be more than one possible correct way to combine each group.

2. Then write your new sentences in paragraph form. Do not number the sentences, and do not write them in a list. Write them as a paragraph.

b. I have a long white beard.

b. Children like me.

b. The trip is long.

c. I do this on a special night.

6. a. I travel in a sleigh.1 b. The sleigh is magic.

7. a. The sleigh doesn't have wings.

b. The sleigh doesn't have an engine.

8. a. It is pulled through the night sky.

b. It is pulled by reindeer.

c. There are eight reindeer.

b. I visit houses where children live.

10. a. I know if the children have been good during the year, b. I know if the children have been bad during the year.

11. a. I bring candy and toys to the good children, b. I bring pieces of coal to the bad children.

1 sleigh: a kind of cart pulled by animals on snow


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