Space Order

Work by yourself or with a partner.

1. Read the model paragraph, and decide which space order it uses from the list on the previous page.

2. Look at the paragraphs on pages 80 and 82, and tell which space order they use.

The Shared Refrigerator My roommate and I share a refrigerator. My roommate's half of our refrigerator is very neat. On the top shelf is a carton of milk, a pitcher of orange juice, and a bottle of mineral water. These are arranged in a straight line on the shelf. On the next shelf are cans of soda. These are carefully lined up in rows. Orange soda is in the first row, Pepsi in the second, and 7-Up in the third. On the third shelf, he keeps dairy foods such as butter, cheese, eggs, and yogurt. On the bottom shelf sit plastic containers of leftovers.1 These are neatly arranged by size. The large ones are in the back, and the small ones are in the front. There are two drawers in the bottom of the refrigerator. In his drawer, my roommate keeps vegetables and fruit. Each item is in a separate plastic bag in the drawer. My roommate is an organized person, and his half of our refrigerator really reflects his personality.

leftovers: food that was not eaten at an earlier meal

Space Order— Analyze the organization of the model paragraph on the previous page

Outlining and fill in the outline below. (For more practice in outlining, your teacher may ask you to outline the paragraphs on pages 80 and 82 also.)

Topic Sentence:

Concluding Sentence:

The Shared Refrigerator

My roommate's half of our refrigerator is very neat.

A. On the top shelf

My roommate is an organized person, and his half of our refrigerator really reflects his personality.

Specific The second key to writing a good description is to use specific details.

DetililS When you describe something, you paint a picture with words. Your goal is to make your reader "see" what you have described. The way to do this is to use a lot of specific details. Specific means exact, precise. The opposite of specific is vague. The more specific you can be, the better your reader can see what you are describing.

Here are some examples:

Vague Specific a lot of money $500,000.00

a large house a six-bedroom, four-bathroom house a nice car a Lexus smokes a lot smokes three packs of Camels a day a pretty face warm brown eyes, shining black hair, and sparkling white teeth

Work with a partner. Add as many specific details as you can to these vague descriptions. Then compare your details with those of other students.


My uncle is big.

A. He is six feet, three inches tall and weighs 250 pounds._

B. He wears size fifteen shoes._

C. He can hold a basketball upside-down in one hand._

1. My boss has a nice house.

2. My neighbor's children are spoiled brats.

3. Carl is a bad driver.

4. The inside of the taxicab was dirty.

5. The bus was crowded.

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