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Preivriting In this unit, you will write another listing-order paragraph and use reasons and specific examples to prove your points. Use whichever prewriting method works best for you to do the following activity.

Work with a partner or small group.

1. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you like to go on your next vacation? Choose a place that everyone in your group knows well. It can be a city such as Paris or Hong Kong, a state such as Hawaii, or an entire country such as Costa Rica.

2. Think of at least three reasons for your choice (or more if you can). Here are some possible reasons.

climate museums architecture tourist attractions shopping night life scenery friendly people good restaurants cultural life beaches costs

Use the space below to do your brainstorming or clustering.

3. Now do more brainstorming or clustering to find one specific example for each reason. A specific example might be the name of a tourist attraction (the Eiffel Tower in Paris), a beach (Waikiki Beach in Hawaii), or a store (Gucci). A specific example could also be a temperature (78°F) or a number (50 miles, $35.00 per night for a hotel room).

4. Complete the oudine.

Outline is a great

(name of place) (city/state/countrylarea)

to visit for several reasons.

Example: Reason B:_

Example: Reason C: _

Example: Reason D:_



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