The Writing Process

In this section, you will write a space-order description of a place. First, answer the questions to see if you have learned the main points of Unit 3.


1. Organization

• What are the two elements of a good description?

• What are some different kinds of space order?

• How can you make your details specific?

2. Grammar

• Where are two places in a sentence that you can find adjectives?

• What is a prepositional phrase?

3. Sentence Structure

• What is special ^bout prepositional phrases of place and time?

• How can you use them to improve your sentences?


Clustering, like listing, is another way to get ideas to write about. You use the same brainstorming technique you have already learned. That is, you write down every word or phrase that pops into your mind about your topic. However, instead of writing them down in a list, you write them in circles, or bubbles, around your topic like this:

Academic Writing Process
Next, think about the word or phrase in each bubble. Then write whatever comes into your mind in smaller bubbles. Also cross out any bubbles that you don't want.
Clustering The Writing Process

From these clusters or groups of bubbles, you can begin to see which ideas to use and which ones to throw away. Use the clusters that have the most bubbles, and throw away the ones that have few bubbles because they didn't produce many ideas.

You can also see that the word cool appears in several bubbles. This could be the main idea of the paragraph. The cluster lot of work produced several bubbles, but the idea of cool and lot of work are too different to write about in the same paragraph. Therefore, the writer crossed out the bubbles about work in order to concentrate on the idea of cool. The topic sentence might be: Even on a hot summer day, my garden feels cool.

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