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Believe it or not, learning sign language does NOT have to be an impossible dream! You do not have to wish you could learn sign language so that you can communicate with deaf loved ones or help people that are close to you. Learning sign language is very often frustrating and infuriating; it is not like learning any other language, because there is no speaking involved in it. It is a very new experience to those who have tried it before. However, with Rocket American Sign Language you will gain access to a full online course that gives you the education that you need in order to have a really great and useful time learning American Sign Language. You will be able to learn it in just a few minutes per day! You don't need to spend hours learning it; you will get a full education in just a few minutes per day!

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6 Read these revised paragraphs from the essay on sign language. Underline examples of transition use, pronoun reference, and repetition of key words. Then compare your answers with a partner. Thesis statement Sign language, the language used by many deaf people, has a five-hundred-year history. The first sign language for deaf people was developed in Europe in the 1500s.Three men in particular contributed a lot to the development of sign language. In Spain, a man named Pedro de Ponce was the first person to teach deaf children using sign language. In addition, another Spaniard, Juan Pablo de Bonet, wrote the first book on teaching sign language to deaf people, at about the same time. Another important teacher who influenced the development of sign language was a Frenchman named Abb de LEp e. LEp e understood that deaf people could communicate without speech. He started to Jearn the signs used by a group of deaf people in Pmls. Using these signs, he devefoped a more complete French...