Emphasis Where Emphasis is

Encoding simply creates scenarios and events that illustrate the Storyform's dramatic appreciations. In the Encoding stage, no illustration is more important than another. The emphasis is provided by the nature of the illustration. For example, a Goal of Obtaining might be encoded as the attempt to win a fifty dollar prize or the effort to win the presidency of a country.

Further emphasis is set in the third phase of communication, Storyweaving, when the illustrated appreciations are actually written into the work, favoring some with extended coverage while de-emphasizing others with mere lip service. In this manner, the portions of a Storyform structure which are more central to an author's personal interests rise to the surface of the work while those of less interest sink to the bottom to form a complete but minimalist foundation for the story's argument.

In short, it is fine to stand back and admire one's handiwork, criticize it, and see if all its parts are working together. The audience point of view, however, is not a good perspective from which to fashion a work.

In keeping with this philosophy, this book began by outlining The Elements Of Structure. Now it is time to shift mental gears and outline the process of communication itself as expressed in The Art Of Storytelling.

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