In our example, the three Journeys are:

i$;Topic 1. Learning-----> Topic 2. Understanding

For a hypothetical story, we might then encode each Signpost and Journey as follows:


Our characters Learn that a number of robberies have occurred involving diamonds.

JOURNEY#1 ■Type 1. Learning------> Type 2. Understanding

As our characters Learn about the robberies that have occurred, they become aware of similarities in the crimes. Eventually, the similarities are too much to be coincidental.

SIGNPOST #2 ■Type 2. Understanding

Our characters arrive at the Understanding that there is one multi-national consortium involved in the heists.

JOURNEY#2 ■Type 2. Understanding------> Type 3. Doing

The more our characters Understand about the consortium, the more they are able to figure out which smaller organizations are involved, as well as the names of specific individuals. Eventually, the characters Understand enough of the organization of the consortium to try and put someone on the inside.


Our characters track down and infiltrate the consortium.


Our characters get in tighter and tighter with the consortium until they are finally trusted enough to be employed in heist. Through a series of dangerous maneuvers, our characters are able to get word of the heist back to their organization, who alert the authorities.

SIGNPOST #4 Type 4 . Obtaining

Our characters retrieve the stolen diamonds.

As you can see, the Signposts outline the direction events will take. The Journeys help bring them to life.

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