Action Driver Quail

Decision Driver Quad

Brody Pursue

Brody Consideration

Hooper Mayor Help Hinder

Hooper Mayor Conscience Temptation

Shark Prevent

Shark Reconsideration

Action Passenger Quad

Decision Passenger Quad

Wife Support

Wife Faith

Hooper Quint Uncontrolled Controlled

Quint Hooper Feeling Logic

Mayor Oppose

Mayor Disbelief

Clearly, the Driver Character characteristics in Jaws are as simple as those in Star Wars. In fact, they are identical in terms of which characteristics are combined into a single Character. However, when we look at the Passenger Character characteristics, we see a new phenomenon: some of those Elements are present in the Driver Characters, two of whom are doing multiple duty.

The Mayor represents Temptation and Hinder as a Driver Character but also represents the Passenger characteristics of Disbelief and Oppose. Hooper, a Driver in Conscience and Help, also represents Logic and Uncontrolled, putting him in conflict with Quint. It is clear that these "multi-characteristic" Characters are much more complex in their make-up and therefore in their interactions than Archetypes. For this reason we refer to them as Complex Characters.

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