Star Wars

Action Driver Quail

Decision Driver Quad



Luke Consideration

Obi Wan Help

Darth Obi Wan Darth Hinder Conscience Temptation

Empire Preueni

Empire /Reconsideration

Action Passenger Quad Decision Passenger Quad

R2D2/C3PO â– Support

R2D2/C3PO Faith

Chewbacca Leia Chewbacca Leia Uncontrolled Controlled Feeling Logic

Han Disbelief


As before, the amazingly pure Archetypal Characters of Star Wars translate into a completely symmetrical pattern. Each Character has an Action Quad characteristic and a Decision Quad characteristic. Each pair of Characters is in direct opposition, both internally and externally. Further, Driver Archetypes are represented exclusively in the Driver Quads, and Passenger Archetypes are found entirely within the Passenger Quads.

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"Oz" Characters in Four Motivation Quads il

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