Summary On Selecting Static Plot Appreciations

We have examined some of the considerations that go into selecting Static Plot Appreciations. Independent of any other dramatics, any Type might be selected for any of these appreciations. When additional structural appreciations are already chosen, however, one must consider their impact as well in making a selection.

In Western culture, the Goal is most often found in the Objective Story Domain, however, it might be equally appropriate in any of the four Domains. In conjunction with the eight essential questions the relationship between the Static Plot Appreciations may place them evenly throughout the Domains, or may favor some Domains more than others.

All things considered, these eight Static Plot Appreciations are not solely structural items (though grounded in structure) but are also affected by how they are emphasized in storytelling.

Static & Progressive Plot Appreciations:

There are two kinds of plot appreciations, Static ones which do not change and Progressive ones which transform as the story continues. To see each kind of appreciation in your story you need to alter your point of view.

Static plot appreciations are Goal, Requirements, Consequences, Forewarnings, Dividends, Costs, Prerequisites, and Preconditions. Since these static plot appreciations remain constant in nature from the beginning of the story to the end, the perspective from which to see them is to look at the story as a whole, as if it were one single thing. These appreciations should seem to be in effect no matter what part of the story you look at. The Goal will always be present and identifiable, the Consequences will always be looming, etc. Their presence at any point in the story may be understated or right up front, but the clearer they remain throughout the story, the stronger the story's plot will be from this point of view.

Progressive Plot appreciations are Acts, Sequences, Scenes, and Events. These appreciations describe the experience of moving through the story so it is important to look at them in sequence. Whichever kind of progressive appreciation you are looking at, it is how they relate from one item to the next which is most important aspect about them to understand.

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