Six stops away from the Victoria line the hostel In Copenhagen Street Chris on the night shift Miracle worker rearranges the confiscations The cans of Special the pocket knives

As well as the basic narrative of what happened, who said what to whom, where and when, this poem is variously overshadowed by other events. What happened echoes what happened once, what was said—or not said—before. The poet has chosen a moment which shapes time—afterwards things will not be as they were. Other events happening in the present and simultaneously—the party across the street, the night shift—cast their shade and light on the situation, but it may be that the final stanza misses it, becomes a new scene, not an overshadowing. Drafts are important, especially in workshop situations. Should this last stanza be omitted? Some might think so, others feel less certain, but everyone knows the writer herself will have the last word.

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