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It had been raining hard for days. Water streamed from the gutters of every roof, pouring down windows, along pavements, running in fast moving rivulets along each road. Underneath the streets, torrents of water gushed and gurgled beneath the feet of the people hurrying along the shiny wet pavements, pushing and shoving one another in their haste to get out of the rain. Steel grey storm clouds gathered overhead, meeting one another head on in preparation for yet another downpour. It was very, very wet. (85 words)


It was the third time this week Claire has been soaked to the skin on her way to work and she'd had enough. Why, she wondered, did heavy rain bring out the worst in people? The way they pushed and shoved, it was as though they believed they'd dissolve if they got too wet. Anxiously, Claire lowered her umbrella to peer up at the sky. More grey clouds. Not a hope of a break in the weather. (77 words)

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