Caring what happens

In our second characterisation of Sally (Figure 5), her background gives us little cause for concern. Despite her parents' divorce, she had a happy childhood so we need to rely on Sally's charismatic personality to gain the desired effect.

Once again, you have to put yourself in her place. You have everything going for you, happy family, comfortable home and excellent job prospects. Imagine how you would feel if, within an incredibly short timespan:

♦ your father, whom you adored and emulated, died unexpectedly

♦ a situation with which you were coping (i.e. Mark's unwanted advances) suddenly spiralled out of your control

♦ you discovered that your beloved younger sister was in moral or physical danger

♦ you felt you were falling in love at a time when everything in your life was being turned upside down.

In our second scenario, everything seems to be happening to Sally at once and as the author, you should be right in there with her, concerned for her, urging her to make the right decisions which, initially, she is unlikely to do, as we'll shortly discover in the following section dealing with conflict.

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