Case Study Bob Loves To Shock

Bob is a mature English Literature student. His special interest is horror and his writing is colourful and imaginative. Unfortunately, he is inclined to let his imagination run away with him, filling his stories with so much blood and gore that the shock effect he strives for is lost. Until he can tone down the imagery by taking a more subtle approach, he will fail to achieve his full potential as a horror writer.

Horror stories exploit our fears and shock us into facing the thing we believe to be lurking in the shadows. If you are frightened of spiders, for example, it's bad enough if you see one crawling up your arm. Imagine how much worse it would be if you were locked in a dark room with dozens of them running around you. You might not be able to see them but you'd certainly know they were there.

In fact, they need not be there at all, you simply have to believe they are and your imagination will do the rest for you. Before long, you'll start to feel them crawling up your legs and over your body.

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