1. Would you fall in love with your hero?

2. Does your heroine possess qualities that are attractive to both men and women readers?

3. Do you care whether or not everything works out the way your characters want it to?

4. Does your story have an upbeat ending?

5. Is the background information up to date?

6. Do your characters react to one another and their surroundings through the five senses of touch, taste, sight, sound and smell?

7. Is sex portrayed within the context of a loving relationship? ASSIGNMENT

Select one of the following pairs and write the scene of their first meeting, conveying their reactions through a combination of dialogue and action:

♦ A male lawyer whose brilliance in court led to a miscarriage of justice against the young woman's father.

♦ A female hospital administrator, charged with cutting costs, and a male paediatrician.

♦ A minor lady-in-waiting at Queen Elizabeth I's court and a Spanish courtier.

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