Creating Conflict

In order to understand the importance of conflict in a fictional tale, imagine the following scenario:

A beautiful, titled young lady is about to celebrate her eighteenth birthday. Her wealthy, happily married parents throw a party for her at their stately home. Her adored older brother telephones to let her know that he is bringing his best friend and partner in his successful law firm to the party. The best friend is the handsome heir to a fortune and a vast estate in the country. Their eyes meet, they fall instantly in love to the great delight of their families. They marry, have two children, a girl and a boy and live happily ever after.

By now, you are either shrugging and muttering' So what?' or you're drifting off to sleep. Either way, it is unlikely that you found the above storyline exactly riveting because the simple fact of the matter is that nothing has gone wrong.

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