Going over old ground

The ongoing challenge for programme makers is finding exciting and original storylines and where a long-running soap is concerned, almost everything and anything has already been done. For a script to be considered, you need to be sure that it not only develops existing storylines but also has something fresh to offer a loyal audience.

One useful method is to keep abreast of topical issues that can be woven into your scripts. These could be anything from the imminent marriage of a member of the Royal Family to the latest educational or health initiative arising from headline stories in the media. Make sure you know the timeframe from having the script accepted to seeing it performed on air. There is no point including something that will be old news by the time the episode will be screened.

Appeals for writers, details of competitions and information on how to write for a number of series and soaps can be found on the websites of several terrestrial television channels (listed on page 175). Some useful websites for scriptwriters are also listed on page 175.

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