Having fun with your hobby

Michael Green is one author who has made a successful career out of the humorous aspect of his hobbies. His Coarse series is required reading for every weekend sailor, rugby player, golfer and amateur actor.

With an innate ability to home in on the way the average person will go through hell and high water in the name of their favourite leisure activity, Michael's books keep you laughing from the very first line, as the opening to The Art of Coarse Sailing demonstrates.

Every year I swear I won't spend my holiday sailing again. Considering I say this annually, it's surprising how much sailing I've managed to do. Each time I return bruised, battered and suffering from incipient scurvy, with a great dent worn in my buttocks and I say, ' That was terrific fun but next year I'm going to do something restful'. And somehow twelve months later I'm banging the same dent in the same place with the edge of a cockpit coaming or crawling on hands and knees in some stinking bilge.

(The Art of Coarse Sailing, Michael Green,

Arrow Books)

Michael has a gift for highlighting the romantic ideal and contrasting it with the less than pleasant reality. More importantly, he has a real enthusiasm for and knowledge of his subjects.

His Coarse books are not simply amusing accounts of his adventures, they are genuinely informative and packed with colourful characters who embellish and add to his misfortunes.

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