Her reaction

Armed with the information about Sally's background and character, depending on the style of the book, she could react in one of a number of ways. She could:

1. blackmail Mark into using his influence to reinstate the job offer

2. devise a plan to murder Mark

3. confront Mark, fight with, and accidentally kill him

4. consult a lawyer and take Mark to court

5. compile an expose; of the TV industry

6. secretly conduct an in-depth investigation into corruption in Mark's company

7. set Mark up to take the blame for running a libellous news story.

Sally's reaction is determined by her tough background. The product of a less than perfect marriage, she has an absent father and a mother who transfers her affections to her new husband and baby with little thought to her daughter's feelings.

To her stepfather, she is an encumbrance, shipped off to boarding school to make way for her baby sister. It is not surprising that, as soon as she leaves university, Sally finds herself a flat in England and rarely returns to France.

She has been forced to become totally self-reliant and will take whatever action she deems necessary to achieve her aims.

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