Informing the public

Many successful autobiographies do more than tell the author's life-story. They also provide a documentary record ofhistorical incidents and procedures which may have been hidden from the public eye.

An autobiography which performs any one of the following functions might well be of interest to an appropriate publisher.

♦ Describes a practice which has been concealed from the public, e.g. sending orphanage children to Australia.

♦ Details the author's recovery from a potentially life-threatening illness or condition.

♦ Is an account of the author's experiences as a hostage, either political or during a crime.

♦ Tells the story of a kidnap or hijack victim.

♦ Gives information about a turning point in the author's life to which others can relate, e.g. nursing a disabled child.

♦ Details the sequence of events which led to the author setting up an international charitable organisation.

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