Looking Back Into Your Past

There is little doubt that anyone with a chequered past will have plenty to write about but many of us feel we have done very little in our lives worth committing to paper.

On closer inspection, however, this is very rarely the case. Take yourself right back to your earliest memories. How did you feel when:

♦ you were told off for being naughty?

♦ you were picked on by other children?

♦ your parents argued?

♦ you got detention at school?

♦ you had to have treatment in hospital?

♦ a family trauma made you realise that nothing at home would be the same again?

These are just a few experiences many children share, but try going up a notch in age and see if you can recall how you felt when:

♦ started your first day at work

♦ travelled abroad on your own

♦ got your first cheque book

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