Losing control

The underlying theme of the scenarios featured above is that of powerlessness.

Once a character is trapped in a situation, they must rely heavily on their wits for survival and if they've had those wits frightened out of them, we won't hold out much hope for their chances.

Loss of control or free-will is another very powerful theme in ghost and horror stories and includes:

♦ being under attack from monsters, e.g. werewolves, vampires, zombies etc.

♦ being trapped alone with your worst nightmare

♦ having your mind and/or actions controlled by someone evil

♦ being unable to find an escape route, i.e. every road you take leads back to where you started

♦ being unable to distinguish between reality and falsehood, i.e. are you insane?

♦ being the only one to recognise the growing danger, i.e. being quite alone.

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