Paying for publication

The price for this dubious privilege may start at four figures and can escalate beyond your wildest imagination. Horror stories include tales of people selling their homes and everything they own in order to pay for something that is, as far as the commercial book world is concerned, completely worthless.

If you are driven by countless rejections from legitimate publishing houses to investigate the world of the vanity publisher, be aware that:

1. their income is derived from being paid to produce a book; once this part of the bargain is fulfilled, they have no need to waste any expenditure on marketing

2. vanity publishers are under no obligation to distribute the book and rarely have distribution outlets

3. books produced by vanity publishers usually look unprofessional and are easily identified by book retailers who will have little interest in ordering them

4. the published books are legally the property of the publisher; any payments you make are purely to cover the cost of production

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