Plotting And Planning

A plot is simply what happens in a story and plot development depends a great deal on your characterisation.

Your characters' reactions to a given situation will have a strong influence on your plot. In a family saga, for example, the story will be centred around one character's relationship with their family and the people they encounter as their tale unfolds.

In contrast, crime novels are centred around the solution of the crime so that, whilst it is essential to have a strong protagonist, the book must be carefully plotted in order to keep up the interest. Before you begin to write the book, you must be very clear where all the twist and turns, clues and red herrings will occur.

You should also take note of the following advice from crime-writer Susan Moody: 'You must play fair with the reader. No twin brothers produced in the last chapter. Share the clues with the reader, your job is to hide them as skilfully as you can.'

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