Preventing the characters from succeeding

Having created your almost perfect characters and set them against a suitably romantic background, it would be very pleasant to simply sit back and let nature take its course. Sadly, that's the last thing a romantic writer can do. The author's task is to come up with devious ways to prevent the hero and heroine from getting together until the last possible moment.

As we have already formed a picture of television newsreader Sally Blake, we can use her as a heroine for our romance. Taking the first CV, where she is the product of a broken marriage, with a disinterested stepfather and a spoilt half-sister, we know that she is scared of forming permanent relationships. However, we also know that she is ambitious so, for the purposes of our story, we will need to sabotage:

1. any attempt on her part to form a lasting relationship with the hero

2. any exciting new career prospects. Getting to know the hero

Before we can devise a plan of obstacles to their love, we need to get to know the hero.

Like Sally, Nick will have one or two endearing personal quirks. Perhaps he rubs the bump on his broken nose when he's concentrating or the corner of his mouth twitches when he is amused.

He has probably been hurt by a woman in the past and his attraction to Sally will be in spite of a determination not to repeat the experience. It will be these traits which will make him irresistible to our heroine.

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