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For many creative writers, the sole motivation for writing their autobiography is to provide a family record for future generations.

A written record will be enhanced by the inclusion of cap-tioned family photographs and thanks to the growth of desktop publishing, on payment of a relatively small amount, you can have your family history professionally printed and bound. This will ensure that all the information is kept together and is presented in an attractive, user-friendly way.

Shop around in the writing press to obtain several quotes from reputable sources but don't be tempted to stray into the realms ofvanity publishing. These organisations, purporting to offer a publishing service to authors, can charge several hundred or even thousands of pounds for a volume which would cost a reputable printer a fraction of the price to produce.

We will be looking at vanity publishing later in the book but if you are in any doubt about the authenticity of a publisher, remember the writer's golden rule:

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