Taking a free trip

Magazines use travel articles to inform their readers about holidays which will best suit them, so some of the points that should be included are:

♦ whether the location is suitable for families

♦ the safety of the beaches

♦ facilities available

♦ whether it is noisy or quiet

♦ what sort of nightlife it offers

♦ what the food is like, cost and availability

♦ places to visit and their accessibility in relation to the resort

♦ how to get there - a choice of methods is useful

♦ the cost of travel and accommodation - again, a selection should be given.

Whilst professional travel writers receive 'free' trips from tourist boards and travel companies, these are in return for guaranteed coverage in well-known publications, so the writer must be able to fulfil the following criteria:

♦ they must be prepared to follow a set itinerary

♦ publication for articles must be guaranteed in at least one reputable magazine

♦ any articles must include the features specified by the sponsoring company

♦ articles must be published to coincide with specific publicity drives.

Without some kind of a track record as a freelance article writer, it is unlikely that you would be invited by any travel company to take a free trip.

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