Wearing Different Clothes And Costumes

The costumes your characters wear do much more than just set the scene. Among other things, they:

♦ set the age, nationality and occupation of a character

♦ give an insight into the character's personality

♦ convey a sense of occasion

♦ evoke reader identification.

To help you relate to the way a character would move and respond in various situations, imagine how you react when you are wearing clothes designed for a specific purpose. If you have ever worn one or more of the following outfits, for example, how did you feel and how did you move around the room?

♦ A full-length evening dress

♦ a wedding dress and veil

♦ a dinner jacket and dress shirt

♦ old jeans and tee shirt

♦ luxurious silk underwear

♦ thermal underwear

♦ wellington boots

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