What Is Creative Writing

When I first wrote this book, the term 'creative writer' conjured up an image of the artistic amateur. Few of the students who joined my classes had any idea what creative writing was or understood the workings of the publishing industry.

Things have changed dramatically in the intervening years and now, when each new course begins, I find that most of my students are extremely knowledgeable about the business of writing. They will have seen writing competitions featured on television, heard about writing initiatives on radio. They will have read about university degree courses in creative writing, joined book clubs or discovered the wealth of information available on writers' websites on the Internet.

So, what is creative writing? Chambers Dictionary defines creative as 'Having the power to create, that creates, showing, pertaining to, imagination, originality' and writing as 'The act of one who writes, that which is written, literary production or composition'. Therefore, the term 'creative writing' may be defined as:

Having the power to create an imaginative, original literary production or composition and can be applied to a very broad spectrum of writing genres. In this book we will be looking at:

♦ ways of drawing on personal experience in order to write non-fiction articles on a wide variety of topics in a number of different styles

♦ fiction writing and the world of genre fiction - science, romance, horror and crime

♦ writing for children which requires specialised skills that, once mastered, bring enormous satisfaction to both the writer and the reader

♦ the impact of the Internet on the creative writer and the benefits of Information Computer Technology.

Finally, there will be advice and guidance on how to turn your writing into a marketable commodity for, even though many people set out to write purely for their own pleasure, there is little doubt that nothing can compare to the thrill of having work accepted for publication and reading it from a printed page.

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