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Easy Cellar Stockpiling Food Guide

Easy cellar is an intelligible and subsistence eBook. It is a product of Tom Griffith, a retired inspector of nuclear projects. The program presents unknown but valuable facts to construct a subterranean vault in your garden. It contains very simple instructions, maps and videos that can help you in construction. The skills you will acquire in this program will be essential for your survival in whatever condition. Food and other basic requirements such as water can be stored for longer periods and therefore your survival in disastrous periods is guaranteed. You will learn how to get going without electricity and other contemporary facilities. Moreover, the guide provides you with very simple schematics that can work for as short as a day. That is why it is called Easy Cellar. It can help you triumph over death and survive any ruinous event, whether natural or man-made. It is absolutely a thrill to possess an Easy Cellar. Read more here...

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Contents: Ebook
Author: Tom Griffith
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Price: $37.00

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Highly Recommended

The writer has done a thorough research even about the obscure and minor details related to the subject area. And also facts weren’t just dumped, but presented in an interesting manner.

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My Survival Farm

My Survival farm is a course created with an aim of training people on the easy and cheap farming method known as permaculture. It 's a method of replicating nature's way of growing food with little effort in your backyard. It's healthier than gardening and more perfect for survival purposes. This course is designed at providing the best education with close supervision to ensure that you don't make mistakes that may end up costing you. Dan F. Sullivan combined Jeanie's and Liz's 50 years of experienced and condensed it all and came up with this course after he involved the two experts in a project that took 3 months. This course is, therefore, the best. The 60-year warranty given is to ensure that everyone gets satisfied with the results that he or she gets. Questions asked and any complaints that may arise are handled effectively. Remember, working with mother nature remains to be the only favorable option to realize amazing results without stressing up and messing up with the ecosystem. Don't forget that every organism in the ecosystem has its role to play. Make the order to get certified training to ensure that you have a sustainable source of food. Read more here...

My Survival Farm Summary

Contents: Ebooks
Author: Dan Sullivan
Official Website:
Price: $50.00

Handing In the Resignation

Otherwise, whatever you do is probably cool. A friend of mine danced on his desk in the law office while cutting his tie into small pieces. The second time I quit the day job - the time I quit for real - I went home and had a bonfire in my back yard in which I burned my uniforms. (There are times when living in the country is a wonderful thing. That wouldn't have been nearly as satisfying in a fireplace.) It was great. And my life has been an adventure ever since.

Dont Ever Stop Observing and Making Notes

Look at that tree in your backyard, or in the nearby park. Really look at it. What color is it Green What shade of green How is its color different from the elm nearby, or that blue spruce across the way What shape is it Round Tall and graceful in the breeze, like a young ballerina, or bent with age and disease, like an old crone broken by life in the streets How does it stand out in its surroundings Is it tall and stark black against the eye-hurting brilliance of a summer sun Gently fuzzy and soft in the evening twilight Dark and frightening, casting black shadows of fear from the corner street lamp How would you describe it in a few words, to make a picture of it leap to life in your reader's mind

Dialogue Workshop

A man and a woman who have been married for fifteen years meet on the sidewalk in their front yard as she is coming home and he is on his way out. The day is gray and blustery, with the smell of snow in the air and rapidly falling temperatures. She is dressed far too lightly for the weather. She was supposed to be home all day. He wasn't supposed to be home at all. One of them has to tell the other something important. The other one has to keep the first from finding out something important.

Apples Bananas

Real is free - or at least damned cheap. You want real Turn off the television, go outside, get away from people. Let your cheeks get chapped by the cold, burned by the sun. Take a chance on that ugly fruit at the produce stand. Buy cloudy apple cider from your next-door neighbor who presses his own from the trees he grows in his back yard. Walk or ride a bike. Smell the air around you - even if it stinks of sweat and exhaust from cars and trash from the dumpster at the corner, it's better for your writing than the recycled air-conditioned air that you've been hiding in.

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