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Starting out in 2005, Codrut Turcanu had little knowledge of blogging, let alone making fortunes off it. However, as the time passed, he gained an immense experience. He learned what the so-called gurus don't talk about much. He applied that knowledge and is now raking some $35000 from his 5 blogs as a result. This story is of the author of what is going to change your life in just one read the Niche Blogging Profits. A complete guide on the secrets of what really makes blogging so worth it. This guide has helped many of his clients and now, it could be your chance to climb up the success ladder and level up with the gurus who have been inspiring you. But unlike the guides or the internet-derived information you've been reading, the Niche Blogging Profits have 7 secrets that really work. And the best part about these secrets is that the author has dug them out himself. How's this for credibility? The guide is available in downloadable PDF, all too well organized and simply put for someone who has been envisaging his career as a blogger a fruitful one like yourself. It is for the newbies who have been working hard to get around the corner of nothing to the road leading to treasures. More here...

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Highly Recommended

This is one of the best books I have read on this field. The writing style was simple and engaging. Content included was worth reading spending my precious time.

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Blog Hatter Blogging Software

This product is in the artificial intelligence category as it will skyrocket your productivity and increase your profit margin by a lot when blogging. It will also help you eliminate problems that come with blogging on Wordpress such as being late, having to do too much work and checking. This software will actually generate articles with super high-quality content as if hired by the best freelancing writer on the market and images and videos that humans cannot find. It does all of this work while you can sit back and watch the magic happen, it also schedules your blogging updates and writing so it acts as not only an actual content generator, it acts as an assistant that you can rely on any time. The purchase of this software will also come with other benefits such as updates, free articles and an easy interface that will help you make passive income in the back seat. The creator of this product also holds a great deal of legitimacy as his product helped many people get their blogging to the next level by multitasking and assisting. The software also does not require a lot of technical skills since it has a modern interface that will you all the way to the success of your blog. More here...

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Blogging Guru Blueprint

This product created by a best-selling author in NewYork Times and heis an influencer in the field of online businesses. He has worked on many products and guides that show his expertise in the field and he crafted this easy step by step set of tutorial videos to help people creates their online business and build it from scratch. His method involves Wordpress and blogging and contains 3 easy phases for your blog. The first one deals with setting up the account and the domain, the second has to do the set of skills required and how to utilizecertain mediumsfor your success. The finals step includes makingsales and generating a big profit with very little effort every single day. It also contains information on how to maintainvisitors and fans through certain techniques and tricks so you can keep your progress going up and never fall into the stagnating zone. You will be getting over 100 videos of 10 hours total that contains over 130 step by step tutorials and ways you can achieve success in the Wordpress blogging platform easily. The product also does not require a great deal of knowledgeto access the product as you will be getting instant access to the videos that will be your guide to making a minimum 1000$ every month if followed correctly. More here...

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Who decides on the sites personality

If you own the site (it's your blog it's your company), you decide on the tone and personality you want your site to have. However, if you are part of a larger organization, it's not your decision alone. In fact, another division of the organization (for example, marketing or corporate communications) may dictate aspects of the site's brand - colors, templates, and writing style.

How Lindsay Lohan and I Discovered the Fountain of Youth or The Psychology of the Second Interest

The blog post then picks up with the actual story. As you read it, you can see in your mind the events unfold. On the blog, I placed an actual picture of Lindsay Lohan, which helped people pay attention to my writing. (She's pretty hypnotic to look at.) But the story itself keeps people riveted.

Put your ego in the drawer cheerfully

Did you bristle at that last paragraph where I said that readers should not be able to tell who wrote what on the web site If you are writing poetry, or fiction, or your own blog, your voice as author is a large part of what you are projecting through your web site or your blog. That's fine. But if you are writing in an organizational setting, it's not about you as author. It's about communicating clearly so that the people who come to the web site can find what they need and understand what they find.

Create a blog in easy steps

Create an account Name your blog Choose a template Figure 9-13 A colorful enticement to start a blog. Always give instructions as a numbered list of the steps that people must do to complete the task. Figures 9-14 and 9-15, from eHow and, present numbered steps for instructions that are longer and more complex than the example.

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