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Measurability strikes fear in the hearts of potential grantees unless they are involved in research grant projects. We have seen people gasp and practically hyperventilate when faced with having to state measurement and results. This is because of a lack of understanding about grants, and the motivation of funders when they award grants. As we have said several times—the funder is interested in solving a problem. They want to fund well-developed projects they think might provide at least a partial solution to the problem. They know that things might not go exactly as planned.

How many times have you planned a simple meal just to find out that something did not turn out as you expected? A grant project is much more complicated than getting a meal on the table. The funders know that things might not work out exactly as planned. What they want to see is an educated and professional estimate of outcome. If you say 75% of participants will have positive results, and only 60% do, then you have learned something. The funder is not going to make you give back the money. The funder has learned something too—that maybe the project design needs to be revised. This is not a test of results—it is a test of whether you do what you said you would do in your proposal. Do not hesitate to put numbers, percentages, and statistical measurements in your goals and objectives. If you don't, you are not likely to receive funding.

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Project Management Made Easy

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