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Example 11.1 (Continued)

that the station will cover it. We have had coverage for many of our projects before. We have a friendly relationship with one reporter from that station.

There are several state education foundations and organizations. Each has a newsletter. We are researching a list of contacts to which we can submit articles.

The program will be publicized on our Web site. The State Education Department publicizes our Web site statewide.


We will submit articles and information to national clearinghouses such as the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) and the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse (ENC).

In conjunction with our partners, we will also hold a seminar at the end of our second year for other schools interested in developing an After School Program. It will be publicized on national education bulletin boards and through Web sites, as well as to those who have contacted us.

Example 11.2

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